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Kayaking along the Leona River (2 days)

Join the Viedma and Argentino lakes, by La Leona river, through the inmense Patagonian steppe.

Kayak y trekking            2 días

Starts at: Route 40 and La Leona river

Ends at: Briggieri bridge

Total distance: 76 km.

Number of guides: 2 (two)

Technial difficulty: Beginner intermediate

Physical requirement: Moderate / high

Camp nights: 1 (one)



Double kayak with paddles

Technical equipment: suit and neoprene boots, semidry jacket, neoprene skirt, helmet, pogies, lifejacket, dry bag.

Bilingual guides (english – spanish)

Tourist activities insurance

Tents (double)

Food (Snacks, dinner and breakfast)

Kitchen elements


Not included:

Sleeping bag

Sleeping pad


Equipment Required:

Trekking shoes

Comfortable clothes to paddle (long sleeve shirt, leeguins)

Warm clothes for camping


All the equipment that you will not use, we will keep it in our transfer.

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